about 2 months ago I was competing in gymnastics and did an ariel onto the balance beam from the springboard and fell meant 2 lan on the beam, but landed on the ground instead. I landed on the inside of my ankle. I then went to the ER. They didn’t take any xrays and said I was fine and that I didn’t do anything but to just maybe wrap it up and to use some crutches. after a few days the pain went away since I had not put any preasure on it at all so I stopped using the crutches and the wrap. then about 2 days later the pain returned. so I went to see a local doctor. he classified it as a high ankle sprain. he told me to use the crutches and a splint for about 4 weeks. so after 4 weeks I went back to him and he said I was fine, although the pain hurt worse then ever, but I doubt he cared about that. so a week later after the pain felt like my whole ankle was like totally stiff, I went to see yet again another doctor. he took some more xrays and said that my ankle was severly fractured and that I might very well have to have surgery. then he just sent me home. he didn’t do anything or give me anything. ???. I call him and he just tells me to use the crutches and not to do anything else. I know that my ankle is fractured cuz I saw the xrays, and it was broken, but hes not doing anything about it. i’ve broken my ankle before, just not as bad, and they still put on a cast for like 6 weeks. is it just me, or like should he like actually be doing SOMETHING???

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    What kind of doctor (specialty) have you gone to? If he is not an Orthopedist, you need to get to one ASAP. If the initial doctor is an Orthopedist, I would suggest that you get copies of your initial X-rays and seek a second opinion. Try and do this as soon as you can, and let us know how you make out. If it seems that negligence occurred, either by the hospital not taking initial X-rays, or by the doctor missing an obvious fracture, you might want to seek legal council.


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