ankle and foot long term problem

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with a morton’s neuroma.
Instead of surgery, I was given a series of shots in the nerve area in order to kill the nerve bundle.
I was told it should regenerate itself after a period of time.
Within a couple of months, I started having a lot of pain around the outer ankle bone and joint and wrapping around the ankle entirely.
I have had 2 MRI’s and have seen 3 different doc’s however, I am still in a lot of pain at times. (BTW, orthoped thought it was perinoeal tendon, chiro thought inflammmation from sprain or working out, podiatrist who gave me the shots couldn’t find anything) I was wondering if you have heard of this before.
I am beginning to think I have some kind of intermittent nerve compression going on because at times, it feels like my ankle joint is on fire and stinging and other times it just plain hurts to the max. I have worn custom orthotics for years because of over pronation.
IT also feels like my ankle is hinged on the right side of my ankle and “falling off” on my left.
Casting did not help, support, icing, resting.

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