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One of my friends had and accedent when he was 15 breaking his femur, kneecap, and ankle, he is now 21 and has chronic pain,he also told me that he has rodes abd screws in his leg, he would like to know what kind of exercises he could use to help his pain if there is any at all, If you have any sugestions that would be great and it would mean alot to him. Thank youAlicia

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    Hi, my name is Matt Richards, I’m 19 years old, I am a very athletic person, I love sports and outdoor activities. I have spranged my right ankle 3 times skateboarding and 3 times playing basketball and I’ve spranged my left ankle once really bad playing basketball. Now I am pretty limited to what I can do. I can’t play basketball or skate any more and my ankles are always really sore. I was just wondering if there are any exercises I could do that would strengthen my ankles and get them back to 100%. Any info would be awsome. Thanks


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