ankle AND knee injury

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I have a grade 3 ankle sprain and a torn PCL, ACL, and MCL of my knee all on my left leg. I am trying to get some other opinions on how to handle this situation. What would you do?Also, I have been having a pretty difficult time getting around with these injuries and wondered if you had any tips? And typically, how much pain should I be in?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You certainly have good reason to hurt. Your orthopedist should be able to recommend the best treatment options for you. I do not have enough information to tell you if conservative vs surgical treatment is the right way to go.


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    :about eight months ago I was playing soccer and kicked the ground with my left foot. The pain started right away in the inner and on the top part of my ankle. I went to check the problem, doctors said it was sprained inward, not common. I stayed off of it for a little and maybe that is part of the problem but I think it should be healing faster. Soccer is going to start in two months. What should I do to get better and to know what exactly do I have? How much time does it take to come rehab from this? I really need some help! Please help, thanks


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