ankle bone bruise? fracture?

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i was walkingwith a garbage bag that had a huge adaptor weighing2-3lbs, 14volt or something, and I must have twistedmy body because the garbage bag swung into my ankleand hit my bare ankle bone. its now blueish purple andvery swollen, looks like a bubble in the bone, gross!the whole area around it is swollen and very red. mywhole ankle is killing me, I walked on it and it waslike a cracking pain, I screamed and my friend helpedme sit down. its aching really bad right now, even onthe other side of my ankle. I tried walking on itagain and can’t put full weight down. I have it up and its just throbbing. its my outside ankle bone, maleolus? I think. but around my ankle even in the back its hurting and throbbing. im also getting pain up my leg. its aching. anyone have any suggestions on what they think it could be? have any suggestions what I should do? I may end up hitting the er later if it gets worse. thanks! nikki

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    At the least, a soft tissue injury at the most, a bone injury (fracture). A x-ray is indicated. Until you know more, ice elevation, compression. If you ned crutches, use them.


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      thank you, what is a soft tissue injury? I’m going to the er in a little while, I’m so in much pain! I can’t get over that it hurts even on the other side of my ankle, all the way around. well we shell see what this darn adaptor did!! thanks again! nikki


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