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I take martial arts and part of our training is running.
I have sprained myright ankle twice previously, once ice skating the other playing tennis.
Ijust recently (Saturday) sprained my left ankle running.
I have beenlooking at several ankle braces to help while I am recovering from my sprainand also help prevent future injury.
I would like to know if you couldrecommend an ankle brace that can go from running outside in my runningshoes to barefoot on the mat in the dojo and offers protection and allowsmovement.
The ankle braces I have been looking at are:Aircast A60 Stirrup Brace or Aircast Sport StirrupBauerfeind-Zeuba Vital Ankle BraceBauerfeind-Malleo Train Ankle BraceI know that strengthening the muscles in my ankles are the best form ofprevention and I have exercises that I am doing to do this.
I would like towear an ankle brace in the mean time.
Thank you,Esther

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I am sorry, without examining you, I can’t make a specific recommendation. The braces you see advertised are from the web site host. He can sell you any of the braces you see.


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