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hi. I am in need of a couple ankle braces for my 8 year old daughter. she’s an irish dancer (at a very high level of competition) and is recovering right now from an ankle fracture. she’s currently wearing a heavy plastic brace that immobilizes her ankle. this brace fits awkwardly inside her dance shoes. what i’m looking for is more along the lines of a lace-up brace that has excellent support, isn’t bulky and will fit comfortably inside her dance shoes for when she begins dancing again. I don’t know if you’re familiar with irish dancing (it’s the dancing seen in lord of the dance and riverdance). it’s very demanding so she’s in need of a lot of support. please let me know if there’s any other information you need in order to answer this question. Thank you,brittany

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    I am in same situation as Brittany with my Irish dancer. We need an ankle brace that will give good support after 3 sprained ankles but it needs to fit inside an irish dancing shoe. There are 2 types, a softshoe which is most like a ballet slipper that is laced and a hardshoe which is more like a tap shoe. Taping is OK but when she goes away to dance camp she will not be able to tape. Any suggestions on a brace for a dancer? Thank you.Linda


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