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My daughter is a volleyball player and recently suffered a high and low ankle sprain using her active ankle braces,she has been receiving treatment from her high school trainer for the past four weeks. We are concerned about further injury and would like some advice about the best type of ankle brace to use for the future. ASO /active ankle or other. I was a little surprised that she could roll her ankle using the active ankle, we really thought they would protect her from such injury.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The braces you see advertised on this site belong to the site host. As you are aware, there are many types of ankle braces. They vary in effectiveness. There is no magic brace that works for everyone. The purpose of most of the ankle braces is to decrease the amount of motion, but not eliminate it entirely. There are custom ankle foot orthoses (such as a Richie type brace) that are made from a mold of the patient’s foot and ankle. These are significantly more expensive than the over the counter ankle braces, but are also superior. Depending on her ankle, the trainer might tape her ankle in addition to wearing the brace. This might give more support. You might have her examined by a sports medicine doctor.


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