I have had a clicking noise in both my ankles for the past 5 years. I’m currently 40 years old and it seems to be getting louder as I progress with age. There is no discomfort but at times can be very annoying when walking or working out. I’ve never had an ankle injury in the past. I can make the clicking/popping noise by just shifting my foot up and down. What can I do to reduce of completely stop this clicking/popping.
Thanks, Lou

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    “Hey Lou, I have the same problem with clicking ankles. I found the following excerpt online “When an ankle is sprained, a peroneal ligament can be torn. Over time it can flop out of position, causing a clicking sound, often when the ankle is flexed, as when going up or down stairs. “Usually patients can reproduce the sound on request, and sometimes you can see the tendon pop around the ankle joint. If it isn’t painful and doesn’t bother you, you don’t need to do anything about it, but if it becomes painful you should look into it before the tendon becomes irritated or even degenerates. Surgery can put it back in its place. “In any case, Dr. Hall recommends seeing a podiatrist for an exam or X-ray so you’re certain of the diagnosis.”
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