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I broke both ankles and a leg last April after a fall rock climbing. The right ankle is particularly badly broken and, although I can walk OK on level ground now, it is particulalry difficult walking up stairs or in hilly terrain.Last week I had a minor operation to remove a pin and to replace another with a shorter one. The surgeon took the opportunity to manipulate my foot whilst I was under anaesthetic. He tells me I have a maximum 20 degree flex – that is I can only project my knee forward by 20 degrees.Can any one tell me the normal amount of flexibility and perhaps how I can increase the flexibility in my ankle?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Ask your surgeon this question and then ask for a referral to a physical therapist who will be your best resouce for exercises.


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    Terry, I don’t have any additional advice for you past what Vivian said, but I am interested in how you fair here. I badly broke my right ankle/fibula/ tibia compound fractures in a rock climbing fall also (September 2003). After 3 surgeries and a titanium plate bolted to my fibula, I am still recovering in a removable boot cast and non-load bearing. I am very concerned about loss of mobility in the ankle as well.Please post up a followup on how you are doing or let me know if you find any other good information is this area. I will do the same.–Carl


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