Ankle fracture tendonitis

August of 2014 I had a right ankle fibula fracture. As of now there is still a inflamation mushy mass right below the ankle bone which will not go away. Is this normal and what is it and what type of treatment is the correct treatment?

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    Dear Doctor, I have had repeated injuries on my right ankle. On my first injury, I thought it was just a twist of my ankle (I fell down the stairs…slided down 3 stairs on my ankle) and the swelling and redness would go down on its own but I had another mild injury on my ankle after nearly a month and the same problem persisted. Now it has been nearly 3 months and there is still no relief. I saw a doctor and she said that there is no crack in the bone and she gave me a bandage and Neurofen tablets. The swelling went down with the tablets but the soreness is still there. Now the swelling has come back.And the redness still persists.
    Kindly advise. Thank you!


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