ankle injury

i sprained my ankle 3yrs. ago and it still bothers me. sometimes it hurts to bad to walk on it and other times it hurts just a little. some mornings I wake up with it hurting. can anyone help me.

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    Ashley,It would be almost impossible to guess what is wrong without being able to take a good medical history, do a physical exam, and get an X-ray of your ankle. You really need to go to an Orthopedist, who can do all three of these things at one time, and in the same office. He can then give you a proper diagnosis, and tell you what you need to do to get relief of your pain. He might also suggest an ankle brace for support, and/or physical therapy to strengthen your ankle if he finds any weakness. Please try to be evaluated by an Orthopedist, and let us know what he recommends. Good luck.


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