Ankle injury

I started a program at my local gym 3 months and no problems on cross trainer, stepper etc. until I tried the treadmill and jogging about 2 weeks ago. No problems during the jogging but after (did about 20 minutes) there was pain in my ankles on the outer side just below the ankle “knuckle” on each foot.This seemed to ease so a few days later jogged again. This time it has not eased and have had to rest it. OK swimming or on the rowing machine. My left ankle is much worse than my right but that is likely as my left leg is 0.75″ shorter than my right.Toward the end of the day it uncomfortable/painful walking and the elft ankle swells a little but not painful to touch. Feels nothing like a pulled muscle.Has been suggested to me that possibly when jogging I jog more on the outside of the foot putting pressure on the ankle joint and ehence the discomfort/pain on the outside. Am told you can get trainers that are made to help support the foot more and possibly counteract the tendancy to run/jog on the outside. The heels of my trainers (cheapish ones) are worn on the outside edge indicating that outside edge of heel is hittig the ground first.Two questions:1. Any body any idea what I have damaged? and2. WHo makes/supplies decent trainers that take account of any peculiarities in the way we may walk/run. I am in the UKRichard

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    Well, about 4 months ago I was running and my ankle just went sideways and I heard a “pop” and it hurt really bad so I went to the doctors they said it was just a bad sprain. So I rested it and was walking the next day with a little limp. Then about a month ago I was just jogging and the same ankle I hurt three months ago just turned sideways on me and I heard another “pop” it hurt really bad, but I just figured it was another sprain and why get another medical bill.:) It took a lot longer to heel about a whole month and it was still a little touchy. Well this week I have been training for sport and getting in shape for the summer and again yesterday my ankle went sideways and I heard another pop. It hurt really bad I went right in and iced it and elivated it. I am really worried about it because I play sports and i’m really active and I need to know if I could permentally damage it? What should I do so it stops turning side ways on me? thanks:)


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