Ankle Injury fracture fragment

I am a 33 year old male who fractured my ankle/leg about 10 years ago.
At that time the bones were set without surgery and my leg was placed in a cast for several weeks.
The leg really never went back to normal.
Recently the pain has been getting worse.
I went to an orthepedic surgeon who took x-rays and then sent me for a CT scan.
Currently most of the pain is on the ouside top of the foot where it meets the ankle just in front and above the ankle joint. (in the tender soft area)On my follow up visit the doctor suggested that I get some supports for my shoes with a 1/4″ wedge on the inside of the left foot.
He didn’t surgery is a vialble option.
Here are the conclusions from the radiology report1. There is a 2 x 2.5 CM ossicle associated with the distal lateral aspect of the tibia, and available evidence indicates that this is an ununited fracture fragment 2.
There is an unusually prominent linear trabecular pattern within each talus and it is described above.3.
The examination revals a normal appearance of the subtalar joints.A picutre of the ankle fracture can be found at Can anyone offer any advice.
So you think surgery would be a major benifit or should I stick to the supports.
I am not really sure if the collapse in ankle is from the fracture fragment or if it is collapsing.
My mother has the same collapsing problem and at age 65 she can hardly walk.Any help is appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I have not examined your foot or ankle so I can not be sure, but one of the things I would consider would be a Richie -type brace. This incorporates an orthotic and ankle brace together. There is more control than if wither is used. You might consider calling a podiatrist who makes these.


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