Ankle injury (help i gotta run)

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six months ago i landed badly on my left ankle whilst running causing me to suddenly pull up. There was never any swelling or bruising and within a day or two i was walking ok. Since then though the front of my ankle has ached alot and i have very localized pain on the inside of my ankle. Whenever i try running i feel my ankle failing on me.

My physio thinks its only stretched ligaments? but after months of treatment its actually got worse.

Any ideas?

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    thanks for the replies.

    brack99- no bone spurs that i know of.
    but it does definitely feel like a bony problem.


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    Yep. If it is in fact stretched ligaments
    there really isn’t anything a physio can do for you to help.

    What I think can help is prolotherapy. Find a doc who’s well-practiced at it although the ankle in the spot you mention doesn’t sound that tricky to me.

    Prolotherapy involves injecting substances which cause collagen deposition in the region of the injection. Much like a grain of sand causing an oyster to produce a pearl the prolo injection can regenerate ligaments and tendons.

    I think your next step is to find a doc who can do this for you. In the mean time, I suggest not running without a brace.

    Good luck,


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    have you ever been diagnosed with or have had problems with a bone spur in your ankle?


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    my thought was stretched lig’s too. sorry.


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