Ankle injury – MRI scan result help?

Around 12 weeks ago I injured my ankle playing soccer. It occured going in for a tackle and at first I thought it was a sprain. I could walk on it almost immediately (i.e. 2 days later), but the pain prevented me from running and playing soccer again. I also had a lot of clicking which wasn’t there before. After 12 weeks I can finally jog, but still get pain when running uphill, trying to squat or do calf stretches, or any twisting and turning while running.

I have just had my MR scan result and the doctor said “there’s no treatment we would give for this. It will settle on it own.”

Can anyone translate based on the result what was wrong? Basically I want to know whether I can resume sporting activites!


There is a little focal marrow oedema within the talar neck consistent with a resolving area of bone contusion/bruising (microtrabecualr fracture, haemorrhage and oedema). No fracture line is identified. Rest of the tarsus remains intact as are the bases of the metatarsals. There is a small 5mm area of subchondral sclerosis on the posterio part of the distal tibia in relation to the posterior malleous consistent with a little focal grade 4 degenerative change. There is slight thinning to the overlying articular cartilage here but no loose bodies. A little excess joing fuid noted in the tibiotalar joint and extending around the musculotendinous part of the flexor hallucis longus tendon. Normal subtalar and tarsal joint and tarsometatarsal joint. A little excess fluid also noted around the posterior tibial and flexor digitorum longus tendons in keeping with a little tenosynovitis but no tendinopathy. Notmal peroneal tendons and anterior tendons. Minimal fusiform thickness noted to the mid third of the achilles tendon due to a minor degree of chronic achilles tendinopathy. Intact paratenon. There is some thickening to the anterior talofibular ligament in keeping with partial tear and fibrotic repair. The rest of the lateral ligament complex remains intact as is the syndesmosis. Normal deltoid and interosseous ligaments. Normal surrounding soft tissues.


Resolving area of bone contusion/brusing identified within the talr neck consistent with recent bone injury but no cortical break is identified.

Tenosynovitis involving the medial tendons but with fluid around the flexor hallucis longus tendon at its musculotedinous junction is due to normal extension from the adjacent tibiotalar joint.

A little focal grade 4 degenerative change in relation to the posterior melleous but the rest of the tibiotalar joint is intact with no loose bodies.

Minor ankle sprain with partial tear and fibrotic repair of the anterior talofibular ligament but this may lead to an anterior impingement syndrome.

Minor degree of chronic achilles tendinopathy but no inflammation in the paratenon.


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