ankle injury….torn tendon?

I was in a car accident in November, and have been recovering from a variety of injuries. However, the injuries to my ankle seem to be taking forever to improve. I had an MRI taken and this is what the report says, “1. Tendonopathy of the common peroneal, peroneal longus and Peroneus Brevis Tendons, partial thickness tear versus tendinitis 2. Moderate sized tibiotalar joint effusion”So my Ortho. first recommended aircast, then PT. My ankle actually got more swollen, painful, and mobility decreased. Now, he put me in ankle immobilizer (hard boot cast) and wants to see what happens. He said that if he does not see improvement in 2 weeks, surgery to examine and possibly repair tendon might be neccessary. But, he still has not ever come out and said whether I have a tear or not. What do you think based on the MRI results quoted above?
I would truly appreciate a response from anyone who can relate or provide help + advice. Thanks!-Jill


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