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Hi there, I have been twisting my ankle on a regular basis for at least the last ten years. At first, it was rather painful, but now I seem to have developed a nice little resistance to the pain and can generally walk off any stiffness within minutes of an incident.My ankles also like to switch off, last year it was my right ankle, this year my left. I’m not sure if it’s something specific I’m doing or not, but I know that I’m quite sick of it. I’m fairly sure that before too long something more permanent will take place and as I’m only 24 I’m not prepared for that.
I’ve already cut back on the use of heels and am taking steps to lose the excess weight I’ve gained. I’d like to do exercises that will strenghten my ankles but I’m not sure what type to do. Can you help me out?
Thanks for your time. 🙂


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I would want a MRI of the ankles to see if the extent of damage is apparent. Then I would refer you to a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment if surgery was not in your immediate future.


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      Ugh. That’s reassuring. Thanks.


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