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Hello!I`ve thorn my side ligaments while playing voleyball before 4 days. Since I`ve been playing volleyball (proffessionaly) for 10 years, this injury is for me nothing new. But, I have to admit it has never hurt so much and was never so swollen.I`m playing in Germany this season, and the doctor ortopedist that examined me suggested an operation when I`m planning to contniue to train sports. Somehow, it`s seams to me that`s not the way this injury is beeing handled in the last decade. As alternative she suggestes plastercast!?Could you please suggest me what to do?

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    i had reconstructive surgery of my ankle ligaments 12 months ago. I have had an extremely weak ankle for over 15 years and it got to the point where I couldn’t play any sports without ending up hurting it. the surgery was great but I visited 3 doctors before I found the right one. this is a very technical surgery and you don’t want a general orthopedist to do it!! use only an orthopedist who specializes in ankles only or both feet and ankles. whoever does this surgery should do at least 5 of them a month.


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    hello! I was just wondering if you have had the surgery done as the same as you I play sports – well if you call it a sport I am a cheerleader and coach, I have had my injury for at least a year and a half and is causing my severe pain I also have been JUST NOW after a year and a half been offered the opeation – I’m just so unsure of whether to get it or not after all the articles I have now read about this procedure. I would be very greatfull if you coluld e-mail me back with any advice you have got joni harrison ([email protected])


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