Ankle- Osteochondral fracture and torn ligament?

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I sprained my ankle 2 months ago and have been wearing a brace, but still have pain.
I saw two doctors.
The first was a podiatrist who does foot and ankle surgery.
He recommended that I have arthroscopic surgery to repair an osteochondral lesion and a surgery to repair a torn ligament where the tendon replaces the ligament.
I got a second opinion and the second doctor agreed with the first about hte osteochondral lesion, but didn’t think I completely tore the ligament.
These are the only two reliable foot/ankle doctors and/or orthopedics doctors that are geographically accessible.
So how do I know if I need the ligament surgery?
Also, is it recommedended to do OCD arthroscopy without drilling?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    While not always 100% helpful a MRI or ultrasound can help determine if a ligament is torn. Keep in mind that surgery is an art and there are often different ways to approach a situation. I think the degree of the tear would suggest repair. You should ask enough questions until you have sufficient information to make your decision. Good luck.


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    I am currently a student at a military college and have plans on going into the military. However, I have bad ankles, where I chronically sprain and or roll them. I visited the Sports medicine cliniq on campus she basically said my ankles are in pretty bad shape. She did something where she was able to pull my foot out of what seemed to be a socket. She said that my ankles ligaments were very badly stretched. I can barely balance on one foot. I was wondering what you opinion is on what I should do because I am to afraid to ask my general practitioner or any other doctor, because if the military finds out I have had chronic ankle sprains I might not be able to get in. I already wear an ankle brace, but is there anything I can do besides that because I obviously can’t wear one out in the field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Sincerly,Steven Attanasio


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