Ankle pain

I would appreciate your insight into this question. I sprained my ankle October 25, 2014 and I am still having pain.
I also broke the distal fibula and had two stress fractures. (One on top of the big toe and little toe) which were not detected at the time. A bone scan confirmed this.
I have tried the air cast boot for 6 weeks and a hard cast for 5 weeks.
I got the cast off 2 weeks ago.
Since then I have had severe pain and stiffness in my ankle.
It hurts for hours and then stops, but it has hurt everyday since the cast came off.
I am wondering what can cause this pain.
I expected to have some pain and loss of movement after the removal of the cast, but I would think my pain would be gone if it was just a sprain after this length of time.
It also swells around my ankle to.
I would appreciate your help.
Ihave been taking Aleve for pain, but I know something is not right.
Thanks,Glenda Simmons

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    hi. I am also in a similar situation, although not nearly as severe. I have a type II sprain I got from landing on an uneven surface 6 days ago and am recovering with minor bruising. however, while trying to get around and do basic activities ( going to the bathroom, getting water), I inadvertently put strain on a certain part of my foot. Currently, I have pain in my big toe as a result. It seems that one injury just leads to another. Take care. I suppose rest is the only thing we can do at this point.


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