Ankle Pain

I’ve been having pain in one ankle. It started with some slight morning stiffness, almost feeling like a large rubber band was wrapped around my ankle. My ankle felt somewhat unstable when I put full weight on it and it hurt to walk on it, but I would walk it off in a few minutes. Over the past couple of weeks it’s gotten worse, first it started bothering me whenever I was off my feet for a while and first got up, and now it’s almost constant. It’s on the inside of my ankle. It hurts if I try to roll my foot inward (but not if I pull it inward with my hand) or if I press just below my ankle bone just slightly towards the front of my foot. I haven’t had any recent or even past injuries that I can recall. It doesn’t look swollen or feel hot or have any bruising. Any idea what it could be?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It could be either a ligament or tendon problem. I recommend a MRI for further information.


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