ankle pain and loss of stability

In 1969, I severed a nerve at the knee while playing football. This was only discovered through an exploratory surgery in 1970 and I was told that to reconnect the nerve was not possible and was left with foot drop and a brace. About 1973, I visited a physcian who later performed a then innovative surgery in which he detached the muscle that pulled the foot down and attached it on top of the foot.
I am now 54 years old and while this surgery was at that time a major improvement, my ankle stability has degrenerated substantially in the past 6-7 yrs. I am feeling quite a bit of pain while walking. I feel as though I am walking on the side of my foot and this is evident by the rapid wear on on the outside shoe sole. There is also much stiffness in the joint and I can freguently feel something cracking or popping. My orthopedist told me just to deal with the pain but walking is increasinly more difficult. Am I doomed to wear a hard brace or can surgery help? Soft braces seem to help little. Also, I weigh about 300lbs and I know losing weight would help and I am working on that. Thanks

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is impossible for me to know if surgery will help you or not. My recommendation is you see a Board certified podiatrist (or several) who would be more familiar with this type of condition. Be sure to ask if the podiatrist does reconstructive rearfoot surgery. Not all do. Good luck.


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