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I am a 42 year old male. I am extremely active, running 35 – 50 miles per week and I resistance train 3 times weekly and bicycle approx 70 miles weekly.One month ago I tweaked my ankle on a run slipping on a patch of ice then rolling slightly into a inverted position. It didn’t seem to major at the time, I administered the RICE routine and took it easy for a week. It was worsening so I saw my family doctor, who basically said to continue to take it easy for a couple more weeks and see a podorthist if it doesn’t improve. I am experiencing what I think is a snapping tendon problem with my left ankle that is more prominant when I walk than when I run and is not a constant happening. I saw my sports doctor after week 3, we x-rayed and all looks good but my problem is not improving. I am wearing an ISO brace in hope to promote the healing.Any idea how I can better diagnose this problem so I can begin to work on an effective healing process.

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    Further information to my earlier post. I also experience full time pain where the ankle mortis is formed at the end of the tibia and at the dome of the talus. Any input would be appreciated.

    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I would suggest a MRI of the ankle. It is possible that there is ligamentous damage to the anterior and possibly posterior tibial-fibular ligaments.


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    I have been having reoccuring pain in my left ankle for the last few weeks. I’m not aware of spraining it at any time. It gets sore with sometimes a burning pain anterior/inferior to the ankle bone on the medial aspect of the foot. I am 60 yo, have some chronic problems with arthritis but this is unusual and new. Have had and still have stiffness and soreness sometimes after sitting for a while but in both ankles. Tried a brace witch helps the tenderness but increases the burning. It helps to message it with aspercreme or simular ointments and to rest it. Don’t know whether to see an orthopedic doctor or a podiatrist. What do you suggest. Thanks SAmos


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