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Doctor, I play volleyball and sprained my ankle last year.
I have been wearing ASO ankle braces and they seem to be doing a decent job.
The problem is that they take a long time to take off and put on, they also cause some pain in the arch of my foot.
I was wondering if you could recommend an ankle brace that might solve these problems, I have been doing some research and saw the MalleoLoc, they seem to be a cure for the problems I am having.
What is your opinion?
Thanks in advance for your assistance!Sincerely,Kevin Peters

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The braces you see advertised here actually are owned by the site owner who hosts my website. I have no connection with them. Having said that, I use ASO ankle braces in my practice. I find them reasonably comfortable and generally accepted by patients. I am not a huge fan personally of the Malleoloc brace, but that doesn’t mean it might not work for you. If you do buy one over the Internet, make sure that if it is not for you, it can be returned. As far as the arch pain with the ASO, you can put an inexpensive insole inside the brace to buffer against the seam. The more adjustability and points of contact a brace has, the more stable I believe it is.


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