Ankle sprain

On Saturday morning..My foot slipped on some ice..and the right foot went inward.
I then fell forward, down about two steps..My foot remained sideways for a split second and I had to straighten it while on my knees and elbows..OUCH!!
My ankle has since been swollen and sore..
I can walk on it two days later..but it remains sore, weak and a little swollen.
I have been putting ice on it and wrapping it..and have remained off of it for three days now..
I DID NOT SEE A DOCTOR…as I don’t think I had that much pain.Am I doing all the right things??PS.. did not want to walk on more ice and drive with my sore foot!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Since you asked… and I am a doctor… you know my advice is you should get your ankle examined. You might consider that we have better ankle and cast braces that might help you mend quicker.Get well soon.


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