ankle sprain

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The middle of June, I sprained my left lateral ankle quite badly. The last two weeks it has been doing great, I felt like it was back to normal.
Yesterday, it swelled up again and started to get intermittent stabbing pains in it.
The pains start on the lateral side and move across the top of the foot.
Any idea as to what it is.
I didn’t reinjure it or anything.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without examining your foot, I can’t say for sure. I think this is probably a reinjury and should be evaluated further by a podiatrist or orthopedist.


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    Hi:I was told that I have severely weak muscles in my right foot. I got up to go to the bathroom and my foot was numb. The toes tried to go under, as a result causing a “pop” and a severe foot strain. Weeks went by and the pain wouldn’t stop. Finally I went to an orthopedic dr. and he gave me a shot of cortisone. That helped the pain for almost 2 weeks but now the foot hurts again. I do have osteoarthritis in my right knee so I thought perhaps the arthritis is in my ankle also?He sent me to physical therapy—and I did the exercises the physical therapist showed me. I need to find some way to cope with the pain when it hurts. I am on my feet 8 hrs at work.


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