ankle sprain

ok I sprained my ankle 6 months ago in may.. while exercising, I jumped and I landed wrong…
i did all the stuff ur supposed to elevation, compression, ice, and rest. the 1st day I couldn’t walk on my ankle and I crutched around the house, 2 days after I sprained my ankle I could walk on it with very little pain, it was only a lil’ bit sore. and for about a week after my sprain I did the elevation,ice, and everything else still.. and I took it slow. so while it was healing, it’d get a bit sore if I walked on it too much, this was like june- july…
i finally convinced my mother to take me to the doctor 2 months after I sprained it, like my mom told me they couldnt’ really do much for me, and I never got an x- ray done on my ankle..since 4 months and on of it being healing its been fine but I sometimes get soreness, but other than that its fine…..
is that normal? or should I get it checked out?
responses appreciated

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    : demand x-rays on your ankle I had a fractured ankle and I never showed up on x-ray they treated as a sprain and never used crutches 6 weeks latter I was put in a cast fo 12 months


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