Ankle Sprain???

I fell in a 3-legged race a month ago and turned my ankle. Within 2 minutes I had severe swelling just over my ankle bone on the outside of my leg. I had an x-ray at the ER, they didn’t see any broken bones and said that I should follow-up with an orthopeadist. I saw the ortho a week later. I had a lot of swelling from 4 or 5 inches above my ankle down to my toes, along with much discoloration (green, blue, red, purple). Obviously there had been substantial bleeding in my ankle joint. The ortho sent me for 9 physical therapy sessions and then released me for normal activity 4 weeks after the injury. I still have moderate pain and my ankle is about the size of a large orange, however almost all of the discoloration is gone. My normal dorsiflexion is 25 degrees, this ankle will only flex 13 degrees. I’m also awakened at night from pain periodically. Does this sound like the normal healing process for a sprained ankle? Should I seek a second opinion?

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    :It was during tennis, and I didn’t stretch that day, and I tried to reach for a ball that was right behind me, so I ran backwards and I fell on my leg and it twisted it, I didn’t got to get an x-ray yet, but it was swollen not anymore, but now it was purple, blue, and red at the heel, is it normal?


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