Ankle sprain!!

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hi ther. i hurt my ankle 6 days ago. and i believe that it is a sprain. but i was wonderin how long they take to heal, because i havent really treated it properly because i didnt relise it was a sprain, it is still slightly swollen thers bruisin and i get pain wen i try rotate my ankle and also wen i bend it to a certain point. but i can put my weight on it. so ne ideas about what i cud do or how long it may take 2 heal. thanx

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    fanx for that mate. i went over on it wen a went up stairs. it wo just a sharp pain then it just started to swell up. dnt fink its 2 serius.its was jus to get a like time cos am ment 2 b startin football but a need 2 tell them wether al b ready 4 a certain day. cheers mate (n no a cart write a spell things how they sound its easier lol)


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    Hello there, to answer that question correctly, one would need more information about the mechanism of injury ie what happened and how did it happen, did you hear any clicks/pops, did you feel anything tearing, do you have joint instability etc. Sprains (where the individual sustains ligament injury/damage are rated grade 1 to 3. Three being most severe. Roughly, you can expect grade 1’s to take min 3 weeks, while grade 3’s can require surgery to re-attach a ruptured ligament. In the initial stages, RICE should be followed, with assessment made by a professional. You may need rehab in order to return to activity. Hope this helps. (By the way, can’t you write properly? – jus jokin wit u!!!)


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