ankle sprian, severe….

i olled my ankle really bad playin ball 5 days ago. No fracture at all, but it is badly swollen still, from the calf to the toes with blood/purple markings.
I’ve iced it for days, but now it doesn’t seem to be helping, and it doesn’t make the pain go away. Can I put it in warm/hot water now? I kinda noticed in the shower it felt ok. Also, I’ve done this before, and I prolly can’t play sports for another couple weeks, are any excersises like calf raises that would actually help strengthen my ankle?Thanx

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    Eric,Did you see a physician for your ankle? If so, did you get x-rays? If not, how can you tell that you don’t have a fracture? If you did not see a doctor, that is the first thing you should do.As far as rehab for your ankle, if you simply type in “ankle rehab” into a search engine such as Google, you will find tons of information. Try to find a site which will show you how to do the proper rehab and stretching exercises for your ankle. These sites will also show you pictures (and info.) about the various ankle braces which you might consider buying. Look at the sites, then feel free to write back if you still have any questions. Good luck.


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