ankle tendons

I saw that Curt Schilling has a torn ankle tendon. A long time ago when I was playing basketball I was running and put my heel down first.
I don’t know how else to describe it but it hurts and it has something to do with the tendonds in the ankle.
It swelled up like a sprained ankle and after about a week it goes back down. But they still sometimes hurt and I tape my ankles.

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    During a soccer game, I went to take a shot on goal but missed the ball because the opponent came from behind and took the ball away from me. I ended up hitting the other players foot; with such power behind the leg I ended up kicking the opponents foot. Ever since I’m not able to take strong shots on goal because it kills every time I do so. I’m able to run and move left to right and take medium speed shots but not powerful shots. The outside part of my right ankle is numb, from top of the ankle down to mid-foot area. It happened about 2 months ago and I have yet to see a doctor. Any ideas? Thank you!.


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