Ankle/shin pain.

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in november of last year,whilst running on the treadmill(in new trainers which felt very heavy) my ankle started to ache, so i stopped running. the next day it had swelled up really badly so i rested it and went to my doctor who prescribed pain killers and rest.3 months down the line my ankle feels very weak plus at the front of my lower leg(shin??) and running all the way down to my foot i am getting a sharp pain, first thing in the morning when i stand on it.

i saw a sports pherapist who advised me to go back to the gym, which has helped to loosen up the stiffness in my muscles. does anyone know from my description what i have done? how long till the pain goes away and if i am doing more damage than good by going back into training i am managing to do 15 minutes on the bike plus 15 minutes on the cross trainer(hope thats the right name? you sort of step with both feet and hold on to the moving handles)plus how long before i can start running again? i am still in a lot of pain so any help is greatly recieved

god i miss my running so much that i could cry with frustration!!

thanks for listening jan:0)

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    chears tracy. thanks for the reply
    all the best
    jan :0)


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    It sounds like it may be a sprain. I’m no expert but I think one of the symptoms of a sprain is swelling. Search the web for sprained ankle and see if your symptoms match.

    I had a sprained ankle and my doctor said to stay off of it. I used crutches for several weeks and stretched a tire innertube held near my toes of each foot for therepy.

    My ankle is fine now. Good Luck!


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