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Dear Dr. Abrams, I am a 26 year old female who for the last 2 years has had persistant foot and ankle pain.
I have seen the podiatrist and he tells me he can’t find anything wrong.
I’ve had orthodics which haven’t help because he said I have a high arch this didn’t help allievate the pain.
My problem seems to be that when I said on my feet consistently (such as to cook dinner) my feet begin to hurt so bad that I have to sit in a bar stool to finish cooking.
At this present time I am dealing with extreme ankle pain on my right foot.
My ankle feels slightly swollen and is tender to the touch.
I haven’t twisted it so I know that can’t be the problem.
I have taken to wearing nursing shoes as they seem to help allievate some of the pain.
Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for what may be causing this?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without examining your foot, I can not answer specifically.
    Pain on the top as you describe can be possibly a nerve entrapment or a tendonitis. One thing I would consider trying would be to immobilize your foot and ankle in a cast boot. I would also need to take a look at the orthotics that were made and the shoes you wear them in. Have you tried a clog with a rocker bottom type sole? Have you tried using ice or a topical anti-inflammatory such as Sportscream, Flexall, Biofreeze, Theragesic etc.?


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      Dr. Abrams,
      Thank you for your suggestions.. I have not tried a topical anti-inflammatory but will be looking into it. After the cortison shot they gave me anything is better than that. Again thank you for your suggestion.


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