Ankylosing Spondyltits in the feet, and braces

I have been reading this board, you are super, but I fear there is nothing in your bag for me, LOL. I am seeking help finding any relief of the advanced tightness and swelling in my heels from AS……how tight can I wear a tendon brace. Ankle weights help, but cannot get them tight enough. As you know with AS, I have to move or fuse, but the pain and swelling make movement a near impossibility. and ideas? The pain in my heels is so great it radiates up into lower calf…..any help at all would be appriciated. I have seen a podiatrist, but I am his first AS patient, so he has 0 ideas from the beginning. Starting orthotics, but they do not help the tightness.Any ideas?Bree

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Have you seen a rheumatologist? The foot pain is generally related to the back problem. What medications are you on? I might even consider a pain management specialist (possible spinal cord stimulator)I have not tried the Ritchie type brace (there are several labs that make a variation) for your problem. Usually when I am not sure, I send a short email video to the lab and get the prosthetists opinion as to which brace might work.


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