Another knee pain…..

I took a kick to the back of my knee around 6 weeks ago while playing soccer. It was to the inside of the knee and I had to be carried off the pitch. There was no swelling at all, although in the evening, my knee locked up so I couldn’t drive.

I saw a physio 2 weeks ago and have been doing exercises as recommended. She said in 2 or 3 weeks I should be ok to start playing again. She diagnosed the problem as being my hamstring ligament being sprained.

The problem is, I’m still getting pain in my knee when it’s fully flexed. The pain is across the back of the knee, and a little bit on the sides.

It feels fine when I fully extend my leg.

Is this normal for when recovering from an injury like this?

Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen these particular parts of my knee to accelerate my recovery?

I’m guessing I’m just missing some flexibility that I had before which I’ll have to work at?

I appreciate ANY useful replies!!

Many thanks,


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