Anterior compartment syndrom + sihinsplints

well 2 and a half years ago i was involved in a basketball compitition (8 games on one weekend) since then i have battled with the “chronic shinsplints” i have tryed the hole physio for 3 months and no physical activity altough this worked for the first 2 weeks of me building my self up ever so slowly ice massage, continue stretching ect- it failed to work (3 times mite i add) so in order to compensate i gave up basketball (which i was playing 5 times aweek befor this problem struck)

the fact that i am scared of needles didnt help, until the point where after a game of football i couldnt even stand up as the pain was so intense, to my relief i didnt have stress fractors but i did have a bad spell of tenoperiostitis (shinsplints) this was in auguest i finally then worked up the courage to have my pressure tested and yes it was then i found out i had anterior compartment syndrom

if any one has any advice on my problems which are chronic tenoperiostitis and anterior compartment syndrom (which im going to be operated on for)

thankyou sorry to drag on
love ya work

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    I have suffered for 15mo with missdignosed compartment syndrome. Been through therapy twice. Too painful to run, hard to even walk treadmill. I’m scheduled for pressure test 1/30/03. I would appreciate any info on test, surgery, syndrome etc. Good Luck!
    Tom Hutchison


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