Anterior Hip Pain

I have been suffering from pain in my upper anterior right side.
My first symptom was the feeling of my leg going to give way when I would balance on that leg alone over 3 years ago.
This was no big deal until this February the pain worsened to the point where, being on my feet doing chores all day, I wouldn’t even be able to walk or sit without extreme pain.
It hurts to sleep on that side.
It hurts to lay on my back and try to relax.
Sometimes I can’t even get off the floor, like a turtle on it’s back.
It feels like there is a lump under my right hip when I do finally relax it. I can’t do much more than a few simple house chores now and then it hurts so much I need to rest.
Muscle relaxants help some but not entirely.
I dread to walk up the stairs, walk uphill or bend for the dishwasher, etc.
The stretches my chiropracter gave me sometimes cause sharp pain there as well.
My chiropractor says that I have unlevel hips and has tried to correct within 2 visits.
He didn’t recommend me to come back but the pain continues like before.
It is chronic pain. How can I tell if it’s bursitis?

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    I am having pain in my Right hip with numbness, going into the groin area and half way down mythigh anteriorally. This started 3 days out of the blue. Plus the skin is cold to touch.


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