Any ideas about my injury

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Ive had a slightly sore knee for a while,although easily could run on it…then I did a track session and a couple of hours later my back/hip were very sore..then the pain seemed to shift deep into my bum,and I still cant walk properly…the back seems fine but the knee still a little sore,however the pain in my bum is really sore…ive had some pysio on it and he thinks its the siatic nerve…also it doesnt seem to be getting better…any ideas?

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    The piriformis, which attches to the SI joint is greatly effected by your gait, and will typically feel like bum pain. try stretching that, along with the glute medius.
    (pull your knee to your opposite shoulder while laying down-glute med or cross your ankle over your leg, how boys cross their legs, and lean over that knee for the piriformis). that will also help take some stress off the SI joint.


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    sounds like the sacro-iliac joint is inflammed and locked up. It’s a very common problem. The mechanical problems (the knee, shin, and hip pain) let me know its some where in the gait. The SI joint is the first joint that receives gravity stress from a running gait…..Check into manipulation of the SI joint to restore your normal biomechanics


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