apinal tap and root of nerve hit

I had a spinal tap today and just before or at complete insertion the doctor apparently hit the root of a nerve(s). OH MY GOD! — First time ever that I have screamed involuntarily. A quick tearing ubbelievable pain from site and down left leg — felt like leg being violently ripped apart from the inside – YEOW! ( I am 64 and have experienced considerable pain b/4, but nothing like this.)Should I have any concerns? — other than avoiding future spinal taps. Was it just a rare undamaging experience? I feel ok now, 6 hours later — just usual soreness. Thank you very much.

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    My mother had a spinal tap and they hit a nerve after 3 attemps she now has pain in her foot to her toe feels like someone is stabbing her with a knief…she is taking percocet 10mg to help with pain but it is not helping….they sent her home from the ER and she is still in pain…they really didn’t help her any….does anyone know if this will go away or how long it will last?


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