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For several months now, when I get up in the morning the arch of my left foot has hurt enough that it makes me limp. The pain goes away when I put on shoes. Normally, these are running shoes since I run each morning. In what may be a related problem, if I go for an extensive hike (6-12 miles or so), the soles of both feet become painfully sore. Normally, this goes away very quickly after the hike. However, about a week ago I had the bright idea (so I thought) idea of replacing my hiking boot insoles with the Spenco insoles I’ve used for years in running and walking shoes. This turned out to be a big mistake – the soles of my feet were so sore after the hike I spent the evening limping and a week later the arch of my left foot still hurts.
I have very shallow arches – nearly flat feet, which I’ve always assumed was related to both of the above problems.Obviously, I exacerbated something by putting the Spencoe insoles into my hiking boots. However, do you have any suggestions for:1. What might be the cause of my morning arch pain and2. How I can avoid the pain to the entire soles of both feet when hiking?
I should add that I am otherwise in excellent physical condition. Thank you!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You would be best able to get specific answers to your concerns by making an appointment with a podiatrist in your area. Without the benefit of an examination, it sounds like you have plantar fasciitis. There are many different approaches to treeating this very common foot problem. When you make an appointment, bring the various types of shoes you wear. Good luck.


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