arch pain and numbing on 1 or more toes wearing high heels

my main problem is that when I wake up in the morning, sometimes getting out of bed and walking across the room hurts terribly in my arches.
i don’t understand why, sinse I relaxed them all night while I slept.
also, sometimes the pain doesn’t go away, and then I hurt all day long.
a good massage is the only thing, along with medication, to stop the pain.
i switched shoes allready.
my feet do feel better.
but today, they hurt so bad, I could cry.
and yesterday I only wore shoes for 10 min.
please help me…. also, I don’t normally get numbing in my toes, but for some reason, when i’m taking a shower, my toe next to the biggest toe, will becomenumb.
also, i’ll be at church and have on heels.
by toe next to my big toe will become numb.
these are the only times my toes are numb.
i thought that I frost bit my toes when I was younger.
could that have anything to do with it.?


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