Archilles Injury

For 12 months I have been walking every second day for my health. I started off slowly and gradually built up the distance walked until I was doing about 12 kms per session. I don’t power walk, however I do walk at a good pace.
I always start each session slowly and slow down near the end.About 6 weeks ago the archilles tendon on my left foot was injured. I’ve had a few sessions of Acupuncture which has eased the pain and am now wearing a support. What more can I do? I really hate to forfeit my walking. Is such an injury permanent? What is the best treatment for this type of injury?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The Achilles tendon is a very strong and powerful tendon. Injuries can vary from tendonitis to tendon tear and even rupture. Without an examination, I can only give very broad guidelines. First, I recommend you see a specialist, in Australia there are podiatrists as well as orthopedists. I would recommend an MRI for further information or at least a diagnostic ultrasound to determine the extent of the injury. Treat ments depend on the extent of the injury and can range from rest to immobilization to surgery. Anti-inflammatory medications can also be helpful.


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