archilles tendon has a lump

i have a lump that is located on my archilles tendon. I have seen a podiarist and he put me in a cam walker for 2 weeks and also a night splint he felt my archilles tendon was not ruptured but had an old tear from a ankle sprain 3 mos ago.. I have been put on prednisone and quinine for sweling and muscle spasms.. the lump has decreased but is still there .. I still get leg cramps I am a nurse and I have to take 3 weeks off work to let this heal.. 3 weeks later it still hurts and still lumpy whe I see the DPM on tuesday I want to ask for a MRI .. the DPM did not seem worried about the lump on the back of my leg but it really gets sore and hurts.. any suggestions ?? feel free to email me at [email protected]

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    AN MRI or diagnostic ultrasound will give more information regarding the “lump” If it is a healed tendon callus, then that may be what it is going to be like. If there is still pain, further testing is a consideration.


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