Areas of foot numb after screw removal

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Hello -I experienced a fracture dislocation of the right ankle in march and last friday had the syndesmotic screw removed. While in recovery I noticed areas of my toes, foot, and ankle were numb – becoming tingly when I put any kind of pressure on the incision. Prior to surgery I didn’t have this problem. What do you think caused this problem and how long would it last based on your experience


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Hopefully, you discussed this with your surgeon who could evaluate this in person. If I had to guess, I suspect swelling and/or scar tissue impinging on a nerve would be the culprit.


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    I had bunion surgery anda hammer toe repaired Dec 22, 2014. I had a bone fused in my foot and 2 screws inserted to hold the bone in place… I was casted for 8 weeks and wore a boot for 1 week and was told I was healed and go back to my regular routine. Initially it was fine, but now 4 months later and after alot of golfing my instep and top of my foot hurts all the time. Flexing my foot hurts, too…no pain at the bone joint where bunion was. He x-rayed and there is no infection/a tiny area on outer side of bone is not healed, but doubted that is causing the pain… He said it may be I cannot tolerate the screws and he may remove them. What do you think…have you heard of pain this late in the game? I am wearing orthotics now…there is no swelling that I know of.


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