Arm pain around the elbow

approximatly 10 weeks ago I was doing pullups ( pronated ) when I felt a pain in my upper arm ( I thought it was maybe an elbow injury ) I stopped and after the weekend a therapist I had met while he was here for a rehab seminar I attended said I had a cut my bicep ( thier was no swelling or bruising that I couild see.) he said no more curling type exercises for 8 weeks so I followed his advice ( no massages just rice first then keep putting heat for this period ) now 10 weeks later the pain is still thier when I wake up until I get the arm moving and when I lift heavy the elbows hurt also whenever I do barbell curls or any type of curling movement with weight I feel the pain ( it is not intolerable just thier ) and it sometimes shoots down into the forearm and wrist, and most of the time it really feels sore in the elbow area until I either put heat on it or get in the jacuzzi with it. I have no medical insurance and presently unemployed, so I cannot afford to actually see a doctor and have the Xrays done, but I am sure this is just a type of strain. I was hoping I could find someone that could give me an Idea of what this could possibly be, I have taken rehab classes and physiology and anatomy classes. but I cannot figuer this one out.

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    hey man, I was just searching for hel for my injury and looks like I have the same problem as you, did you end up figuring out how to fix it? or help it?i’d be extremely greatfull if you sent me a msg, I also can’t aford phyiso way to much money, neways hope to hear from you, later


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