arthoplasty fourth and fifth digit

I had a small secton of bone removed from my 4th and 5 toes on the left foot to correct a deformity 4 weeks ago. 2 weeks later the same surgery on the rt fifth toe. the rt feel great but the left is still swollen and painful. I can’t even tolerate a sheet over it. The doc says it looks good. (I can’t take nsaids due to colitis).
How long is it normal to experience discomfort and swelling?How can I get a shoe on this foot (It snowed today)I can’t work yet because I stand for long shifts?
Is this normal?CHeryl

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    While it is common for swelling to occur after this procedure for many weeks, there are factors that you may not be aware of. Such as the specific procedure that was done. Were there any pertinent differences the doctor encountered during the procedure? Have you been doing anything unusual with that foot during the healing process? Have you have a discussion about your concerns with your doctor? Ask your doctor to recommend a shoe. There are even some post op shoes that have the toe area covered.


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