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Hi, I have recently purchased the ASO Ankle Stabiliserwhich has been widely praised.
I play basketball and have weak ankles, because I have sprained them 2 or3 times now in my career.
When I wore them the other night with my basketballboots, I went over on my ankle with these stabiliserson – I did not have the plastic stays in them as I wastold only to wear them if my ankles were at their worst?Don’t know exactly what they meant by that, anyway don’t know if it could have been worse if I had not been wearing the supports – but should I be wearing themwhen I am playing? I am just back after 10 months out from an ACLreconstruction and it is the ankle on the same legas the reconstruction so I am a bit paranoid

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    Well, if you rolled over your ankle withouth the stays in, put the stays in. Make sense? I know they told you to wear the stays when your ankles are at their worst, but sounds like your ankles are at their worst. Have you tried some resistive exercises for your ankles to strengthen them??? It’s worth a try.
    Good luck, Mya


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