assault charges

I was assaulted on November 15, 2013 by a “national kick-boxing champion’.
He kicked me first on my left side, just under my armpit, with the side of his foot so it impacted the entire length of my ribcage that still hurts every time I move, breathe, sit down, etc.
Several weeks later, my right side started hurting, so I had X-rays done again and they showed that my ribs were broken in the center of my chest.
What I don’t understand is how the hit to my left side, which didn’t break bones, can hurt more, last longer and not even show a bruise on my skin.
This is serious b/c Canadian law won’t charge him with more than common assault unless he caused a “skin lesion or the breaking of bones”.
I believe that he (aside from breaking my centre ribs, which was found after the fact) caused bruising to my ribs which REALLY HURTS. Bruising of a bone does show on X-rays, and it should be included in the criteria which identify an “assault causing bodily harm”.


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