attacks characterized by upper back spasms …

Over the past year or two now I have been having sporatic incidents characterized by severe upper back cramping, sometimes making me nautious to the point of throwing up. Until two days ago, it hadn’t happened for sometime.
I used to think it was from overeating at meal time, although it may be somewhat of a trigger, I have ruled that one out.
The 1st time I ever remember having one of these painful bouts, I remember at 1st I thought it was indigestion or stomach pain, I even tried to throw up hoping to ease the pain but I couldn’t, then I wondered if I was having a heart attack?…after about 30min of agravating upper body cramping I had my friend drive me to the hospital while I writhed and squirmed in the passenger seat, I waited in the waiting room for so long, the pain subsided after sipping on a glass of water.
I had thought it was my body reacting to dehydration as I was working out at the gym in the morning, taking creatin, drinking coffee at university, and moving furniture in the afternoon and evening as a part time job. Of course I was not paying enough attention to fluid intake (not coffee).
These days I am not nearly as active, but still it happens from time to time and it is a very nasty experience. Does anyone have some feedback on this one?

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    This is day 2 of upper back spasm for me. I’ve had lumbar spasms brfore, due to scoliosis, but never in upper back. Went to my chiropractor yesterday, got an adjustment, and he took xrays on thorasic spine. Will find our result today. Use alternate heat & ice.


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